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Welcome to my Blog!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

If you checked out the “About Me.” page then you know my name is Greg. Looking at the home page on my website , you probably realize that I specialize in health and fitness for active aging adults. That will also be the focus of this blog.

Welcome. I appreciate you taking time to read this blog. I also welcome your feedback to this blog. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Besides being a trainer I am an educator. I teach fitness and wellness courses at Northern Virginia Community College. I am extremely passionate about working with older adults and empowering them to do things they never thought possible.

My goal is to share content of interest, inspiration, motivation and as a bonus leave thinking about and seeing things in a whole new way. I believe that exercise and eating right is the true meaning of “Health Care” along with mental health and overcoming obstacles and set backs. So this blog will be as much about those parts of our lives as health and fitness.

I will never present anything to you that I haven’t either tried myself, believe in or have thoroughly researched. I will always make sure that my posts are research-based and bring you content that is honest and real.

Journey with me as we engage in good “health care” . This blog will always be changing because I am and so are you.

“I Don’t Believe In Age, I Believe In Energy. Don’t Let Age Dictate What You Can And Can’t Do”

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