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About Us

Gregory Hamilton

At EPIC Fitness, LLC, we offer in-home training sessions for active aging adults. We specialize in guiding our clients through a workout that is designed especially for them. Our goals are to improve balance, strength, mobility and flexibility in each client we work with. It is our goal to leave you motivated and able to continue to live life on your terms. Getting older doesn’t have to mean giving up the activities you enjoy. Learn how you can prevent injuries to stay healthy and independent.

I am extremely passionate about working with older adults and empowering them to do things they never thought possible. My number one goal is to partner with my clients to educate, motivate, and help them reach their stated goals. I am a creative, innovative, and motivational personal trainer with a master’s degree in Human Movement and certifications in senior fitness, pre/postnatal fitness, and fitness nutrition. I specialize in active aging adult fitness (senior fitness), bridge training, nutrition counseling, strength training, and specialty courses like TRX training, balance, and cognitive training.


In addition to being a trainer for over twenty years, I teach fitness and wellness courses at Northern Virginia Community College. My passion for fitness is fueled by a combination of academic knowledge and extensive experience as a personal trainer.  This allows me to positively impact the lives of others. I believe that wellness is a blend of physical, mental, nutritional, and emotional well-being. All of these components are connected and should be in tune with each other in order for one to be truly healthy. People need to be challenged. Seated exercises aren’t going to get us back to hiking and skiing easier, nor are they going to improve balance, trying to keep up with our grandkids or walking on the beach on vacation, etc.  Attention to detail is a must if results are to be attained. “I Don’t Believe In Age, I Believe In Energy. Don’t Let Age Dictate What You Can And Can’t Do”

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