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Time For A Change!

Embrace the Season – and Power – of Change

As temperatures get cooler, days get shorter, and leaves fall, September brings a season of change.

As the famous words from the Bible and a 1960s hit song tell us, there is a time for every purpose under heaven.

So, what can we learn about our healthy habits during this time? It's a great question for everyone, no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum.

Change comes in many ways, sometimes at us, as part of nature, and sometimes forced upon us by other people or circumstances beyond our control.

However, positive change flows from within when we are ready to improve ourselves.

Many people dread the idea of making changes or improving themselves.

But, if we learn from our past, we can remember when we decided to lean into the forces of change and make the power of nature work FOR us instead of fighting it.

You can set a goal to get in better shape, start small, and celebrate each little success.

A helpful, supportive community of like-minded people can help and encourage you.

You can have the life you want, no matter how old or out-of-shape you might be.

Science proves exercise's benefits come quickly at any point in life, and change begets change. Start working out a few times a week, and you'll start eating better, sleeping better, looking better, feeling better, and moving better.

It's the nature of change, which is also CONSTANT.

Even if you avoid change and stay on the couch, you'll still be changing – just not in the direction that leads to freedom and a joyful quality of life.

So, seize the day and the season. If you need help, talk to me.

I'll assess where you are and help you set smart goals. I'll show you what's fun, safe, and effective. All I ask is that you open your mind and move your body – in the spirit of powerful, positive CHANGE.

You've made harder changes before and turned to face a brighter future because of it.

Let's head into the last third of the year set to make it the best yet.

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