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Run or Lift Weights?

Should I Run or Lift Weights? More Fitness over 50 FAQs

Here are more of the questions I am often asked about exercise after age 50. Let me know of any other questions you have! I am happy to answer them.


Question: Is it better at my age to run or lift weights?

Answer: Fitness offers more than just those two choices. The goal is to find an exercise you enjoy that provides a cardiovascular workout and resistance training. Cardio includes running, using the elliptical machines, biking, swimming, and lots more. Resistance training includes lifting weights, using machines, using resistance bands, and body-weight exercises like yoga – anything that provides resistance. We need both forms of exercise as we age.

Q: It seems so complicated. How can I make sense of it?

A: As you know, lots of things seem complicated at the start. But once you get started, you’ll see how simple it is. That’s why I am here – to show you how easy, fun, and effective it is to develop healthy habits. I will show you how to KISS – Keep It Simple & Strong.

Q: Do I have to go to the gym every day?

A: Absolutely not. I recommend two or three times a week to start. Many of my clients find that’s all they need moving forward, and some like to add a day or two as the weeks go by. It’s all up to you. But health experts suggest everyone needs 150 hours per week of moderately strenuous cardio exercise, and at least two strength training sessions a week. You can break that up into chunks of time that fit your schedule, and you don’t have to do it all here. Anything counts!

Q: When will I start seeing results?

A: Everyone is different, and it depends on your goals, but most people report that they start seeing differences within the first two to three months. Many also notice that they begin to feel better and move better within a few weeks.

Q: Do I need expensive clothes and shoes?

A: Not at all. Don’t worry about the “fitness fashion” you might see in the media or stores. Dress comfortably in whatever you have and don’t worry about “looking good.” I just want you to start moving!

Q: I went to the gym once in college and didn’t like it. Why should I try it again?

A: Oh, boy! Well, first, trying something once doesn’t provide enough information to give a full picture. And second, we’re not the same person at age 50 or 70 as we are around 20, right? If you’re not happy with how you feel, move, or look right now, exercise will help. If you’re worried about maintaining your physical independence and mental sharpness, exercise will help. If you want to maintain healthy blood pressure, weight, and stress levels, exercise will help. A lot of time has passed since you tried exercise once. Let me show you all the possibilities for improving your life today.

>What question do you have? Give me a call today.

Gregory D. Hamilton, M.Ed.


EPIC Fitness, LLC


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