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Father's Day Ideas

10 Ideas for a Healthy Father’s Day

Remember when the default gift for Father’s Day was a tie from Sears?

That won’t cut it anymore. Today’s dads over 50 are more active than in previous generations. And they want to spend time with grandkids and other family and friends more than they want some lame trinket.

So, if you’d rather give the Mature Dad in your life a healthy activity and your time, I have plenty of ideas for you to consider – on any day of the year!

And if you ARE the Mature Dad in your life, then grab your partner, adult child, grandchild, or friend and get moving!

  1. Work out with you! Because there’s no greater gift for anyone over 50 than the gift of health. And a great way to improve his health is through strength training. If he’s not already a gym goer and is too shy to try, purchase him a workout session or bring him with you during your workout.

  2. Walk, ride a bike, or go fishing. Bring the grandkids and make a day of it outside, getting sun, fresh air – and movement!

  3. Play sports with him. For instance, if Dad’s a golfer or tennis player, get out there with him. Or, if he’d rather enjoy that time with his friends, spring for a healthy lunch for them all at the 19th hole.

  4. Watch sports with him – in real life, not on TV. Walking from the car to the stands, cheering the home team, and being around excited folks… these are all great forms of movement and interaction.

  5. Visit a farmer’s market. Too many people over 50 don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Part of the reason might be the humdrum presentation at the supermarket. But anyone of a certain age will be transported by the sensual splendor of a farmer’s market. The colors, shapes, sizes, textures… And, yeah, the healthy food!

  6. Buy something to encourage exercise. A few examples: new gym shoes, an exercise tracker, or an Audible subscription so he can listen to books and podcasts while getting his steps.

  7. Hook him up with a healthy meal delivery service. They’re available in every kind of diet and cuisine now. Some popular names include Hello Fresh, Green Chef, and Purple Carrot.

  8. Host a cookout. Invite family and friends over for healthy favorites on the grill. You don’t even have to tell anyone what you did to make the meal more nutritious than old-fashioned burgers and hot dogs.

  9. Take him shopping for garden tools and get to work! When you realize how physically hard it is, you’ll have one more reason to get in shape – or STAY in shape!

  10. Share time and attention. After 50 or so, it’s easy to feel neglected or isolated. So, do what it takes to connect with family and friends. Nurture conversations and interaction between the generations. Hug each other. Say, “I love you.”

All these are great ideas for all of us at any age, whether we’re fathers or not. I’m here to help keep you moving!

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